Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Android Continues its Explosive Growth as Apple's Market Share Sinks

As everyone knows Android's market share has been growing exponentially over the last year. In quarter 3 Apple's iPhone sales decreased as Android sales made up more than half of smartphones sold. Apple is not the only one sinking to Android's popularity, RIM, saw its abysmal Blackberry market share get worse as it dropped from around 15% to just over 11%.

The numbers tell a story that has been in the making for last year, Android's usefulness and open design is much better and therefore consumers are moving toward Android. It also helps that Android phone manufacturers are putting new technology like 4G LTE in their phones which makes the iPhone look like a turtle in comparison. I look for this trend to only continue as the Android ecosystem becomes more unified with Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich should make Android tablets competitive against Apple's strongest market hold, the iPad. Android phones hold more than half of the market share worldwide and I feel Android tablets may soon be on their way to joining their smartphone brethren on the hill. What are your thoughts, is Android gaining ground or is the iPhone just going through a slow spell due to a redesigned iPhone 4? Leave a Comment, tell me your thoughts.

Source BGR.com

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