Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Galaxy Nexus Has Bloatware! Is it Really a Big Deal?

So as you probably already know the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus was shown in some videos from Google. In these videos we not only get a glimpse of Android 4.0, but there was also two pieces of Verizon bloatware. On the Verizon version of the Nexus it appears that you will find My Verizon and Verizon's Backup Assistant. Many people have been outraged by this because the Nexus is supposed to be a stock developer phone.

My Verizon and backup assistant appear to be included on the Galaxy Nexus.

Should we really worry about this? It is evident by the new commercial for the Nexus that Google is trying to market this phone to the everyday person, and it makes me wonder if Google thought that since a lot of everyday people use My Verizon and backup assistant that people might want them on the phone. Everyone is panicking, but who says they aren't preinstalled user applications meaning they are removable like many Google apps that come with phones are. Backup assistant could actually be helpful for new smartphone users who aren't tech savvy and need help moving their contacts and a lot of people actually use My Verizon.

 I don't really think 2 apps is going to cause you any fuss with a phone like this, plus with Ice Cream Sandwich you can just hide them from the app tray so you will never know they are there. Bloatware may have been a problem when phones didn't have any RAM, but with 1 GB and plenty of storage built in you really shouldn't have any problems.

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