Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Google Music Launched! Includes Sharing Songs on Google+ and More

Google has launched it's music service. Yes that's right, you no longer have to be invited. It is public and it is free for the first 20,000 songs. Google says, " Other services think you need to pay to listen to music you already own. We don't." The new music app works with Android 2.2+ so they have the older phones covered too.

 Google is also launching the new music store in Android market, something that was expected, and it is looking to be fairly well populated with 3 of the 4 big labels on board (Sony, EMI, and Universal) plus a host of independent labels. Not only will you be able to purchase music in the Android market, but you will also be able to share a one full play of a song or album with your friends. There will also be a free song of the day available for download.

Share songs or Albums with your friends

 This may make the Facebookers who thought Google+ would never go anywhere reconsider. This could be  one of the biggest events in the music industry.

The new site is live so enjoy.
New music app is also available in the market.
So what are your thoughts will this take off?

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