Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[How To] Use Open DNS on a Rooted Android Phone

Ever had problems with the Android Market not loading or web pages taking forever to get past redirections? Well there is a solution to the problem. Well here is how you change the DNS server your phone connects to.

NOTE: Your phone has to be rooted.

1. Go to the market and download an app called Set DNS. Click Here
2. Open Set DNS and allow super user access.
3. Open the app and you'll see a drop down box. Touch the drop down box and select OpenDNS.

4. Hit apply and your done. Your phone will now use Open DNS.

The app offers a few other DNS options, but I have always found Open DNS to be the fastest and they offer protection within the service as well.
If your phone is not rooted, but you would like more information head over to Rootzwiki and read up.

Update: For some reason the OpenDNS test page does not show it works on mine, but the phishing test site is blocked by openDNS and craigslist.org test reroutes to craigslist.com so it is working.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for anything you do to your phone.
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