Monday, November 28, 2011

Job's Last iRevolution on It's Way? Apple Television Set May Be Coming This Summer

There is no denying the fact that Steve Jobs and Apple revolutionized the world in many ways, but his last device may be on its way, possibly arriving as early as next summer. iTV, as it is being called, was Steve Job's last big device. He wanted to do for TV what he had already done to many other areas of technology. How does this have any relation to mobile tech you ask? Well it is widely speculated that the new Apple TV will include heavy mobile device integration. One such integration is Siri, many expect you to be able to control your iTV with voice commands through Siri. Though it is still a closely guarded and dark secret it should be the first truly seemless integration of traditional television and online media.

The device could be here sooner than many think because the Tokyo Times is reporting that Apple is expected to start producing television sets at one of it's partners plants(Samsung) in February. If Apple did indeed choose Samsung it proves that they are committed to a quality set. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as this could be the biggest thing in TV since the VCR.

[Source: NYPost via Fox News]

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