Monday, November 28, 2011

More Transformer Prime Goodness Including Possible Release Date

The highly anticipated Asus Transformer Prime has some interesting news showing it is coming sooner rather than later. First, Asus has released the source code and the owners manual to the Prime, showing that it is indeed coming soon.

Credit: Engadget

Newegg, also dropped a hint that the Prime may be coming December 8. This makes sense to me because assuming the Galaxy Nexus releases on the 8th as rumored it would mean that both of the big Ice Cream Sandwich players hit the market on the same day. It would be nice to see some retailers bundle them together. If you haven't had a chance to pre-order it yet I suggest you do, as this looks to be the best tablet for at least a few months. It is sold out on Amazon, but many other places have it.

Available at:

[Source: Engadget and AndroidPolice]

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