Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Deal] Tired of Your Current Wireless Company, Amazon Wireless Wants to Help (Phones for Pennies)

Amazon Wireless is still selling many phones for a penny. There are currently many phones available for $.01 with a Two Year commitment for new customers. Act fast (by tomorrow) and you can activate mobile hotspot for a $100 gift card. These aren't just any phones either; many of these are superphones, such as the Galaxy SII (AT&T) and the Droid Bionic (Verizon Wireless). If you really need a phone with a new carrier or your contract is up and you just want to switch carriers for a cheap phone follow the link bellow and head on over to Amazon for the Amazing deals.

Amazon Wireless

Galaxy S II (AT&T)
Droid Bionic (Verizon)

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