Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Android Tablets Should Begin to Gain Ground on the iPad

Everyone knows that Android rules when it comes to the smartphone market, but in the tablet arena it is a very different story. Apple currently leads Android with nearly 65% of the tablet market share. However, with the introduction of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, this should start to change. For the first time it will be possible to create one app for phones and tablets while having it look great on both. This should mean that Android will finally get some polished apps for tablets and phones like iOS has had for some time. It also appears that Ice Cream Sandwich will make syncing between devices even better than it already is on Android, which is already pretty dog gone good.

Price is also a big reason Android should start gaining on Apple. The iPad is still wedged way up in the clouds as far as price goes. Tegra 2 Android tablets will start seeing a pretty major decline in price soon as the Tegra 3 and other quad core devices come out. Couple the price drop with the fact that nearly all of these tablets will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich and you have a serious recipe for success in the oven. The tablet market will start to play out as the smartphone market has. Price and the wide selection of devices available will start to press on a Apples market share and diversify the market.

I don't think the iPad is going away anytime soon, but the tablet market is starting to look remarkably similar to the smartphone market. If it follows the same trend we will start to see Android tabs close the gap this next year.

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