Saturday, December 24, 2011

24 Hours With the Asus Transformer Prime, My First Impressions

Yesterday I got a special treat, my Asus Transforer Prime arrived. After letting it charge for a few hours, I set to work exploring it and this is my first impressions of the super-tablet from Asus.

When I first opened the box I was astounded. This thing just screams quality. When I picked it up out of the box it had that perfect feel that a high end device should have. The aluminum back looks amazing, and it gives the tablet a very professional look and feel. There is virtually no flex in the device, much unlike many of the Android tablets currently out there (including the original transformer). The camera is so far advanced over every other tablet that there is really no way you can compare it to any of them. The screen is beautiful and bright. I have found it to be plenty of bright running between 45-50%. Haven't really tried Super IPS+ mode yet, but I will before I give my full review. I found the power button and volume rocker to be just right in placement and resistance so far. The only hardware problem is the speaker being behind where you hold the tab.

Honeycomb... This is sort of a drag to a device like this. The Honeycomb persistent bugs are there. This tablet will benefit greatly from the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, which should happen in January or February. When I first turned it on it was a little laggy and I had a ton of force closes, but two over the air updates fixed nearly all those problems. I wont spend much time on the software here, but I will get a little more in depth in the full review later.

Tegra 3
This feature is so big I couldn't bunch it into hardware. I had watched videos of games like the Tegra 3 optimized riptide played on it, but you really don't get a sense of how good it is until you actually play one on it. The riptide demo looks amazing. The water effects and the blur are only part of what is good. The experience is the smoothest experience you will find even with the extra detailed effects added.

 Tegra 3 also makes battery life great. Yesterday I got 7 hours and 15 minutes off the first full charge, and that was with the screen being on for 6.5 Hours or more of that. Pretty impressive for a first charge. Today I am nearly 5 hours unplugged and I am at 55% left so it has definitely improved. This trend should continue as batteries take a few charges to reach full capacity, so I look for the battery life to be quite a bit better for the full review. Everything is snappy with this processor, even in power saver mode. It even makes Honeycomb's "glitches" smooth.

Overall I am very impressed so far. This could very well be the best Android device created so far once it receives Ice Cream Sandwich. I highly recommend it already after just a couple of days. Finding it may be a problem though. My suggestion, go to Amazon and order one. You probably wont receive it till the middle of January, but if you are in the market for a tablet I would definitely consider the prime. This is the first device I have owned that is living up to expectations (I'm looking at you Thunderbolt). If you want to order yours now go past the break for a link to them on Amazon, and keep on the lookout for a full review in the coming weeks.

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