Sunday, December 18, 2011

64 GB Transformer Prime up for Order, Not Pre-Order!

The 64 GB version of the new Asus Transformer Prime is up for order on Amazon. It is currently out of stock, but this is a good sign that it is coming as there are also reports that this version has already started shipping to consumers. Unfortunately the 32 GB version is still unavailable, but it should come soon as well. If you want the 32 GB version I will update when it is available, but if you want to reserve your 64 GB Transformer Prime hit the link below to order it now.

64 GB Asus Transformer Prime Tablet from



  1. Reports that the 64gb is shipping to customers? Can you provide your reference for those reports? I have not seen any.

  2. Phandroid broke it, but a few have commented on it saying theirs have as well. I Think this is just the very very (dare I say again) very early preorders that are shipping. There are not many just a few. Should be more on the way.