Friday, December 2, 2011

Amazon Now Canceling Orders for the Transformer Prime Because of "Lack of Availability From the Supplier"

Asus Transformer Prime

We knew Amazon sold out of the Transformer Prime a while back, but now they have started canceling orders. They blame it on the Prime being unavailable from the supplier. Amazon apparently over sold their pre-order stock and now they are canceling orders for the people who ordered close to the cutoff. Now this means one of two things, either this thing is selling like crazy or Asus is having trouble with production because of part shortages or underestimated sales like they did with the original Transformer. Amazon advises customers to go to another retailer and order the tablet, but there is only one problem, nearly every other retailer has sold out or may soon, so if you want one I suggest you start trying to find one quick. Last time I checked BestBuy still had  it up for pre-order, but you might want to hurry if you want this thing before next year.

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