Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bring on the Shared Data Plans, Coming in 2012

We pretty much knew Verizon was looking into shared data plans which will allow a family to purchase lump of data just as they do minutes. We have been begging for this for a while now and according to Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam it is coming in 2012. He told the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference, "I think in 2012 we will see it... Getting to one bill and getting to account-level pricing is our goal." AT&T has also indicated that they plan to offer a similar plan, so we may soon get a break from the insanely high fees for smartphones on a family plan and they may become a more viable option for everyone. We'll see how this goes, but I am looking forward to see what their pricing structure is. Let the 9 year olds walking around with smartphones begin in 2012.


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