Monday, January 23, 2012

A 4G LTE Smartphone That Can Last for 24 Hours, No It's Not the iPhone 5

A 4G LTE smartphone may be on its way that can last 24 hours on a charge and it's not the iPhone 5.

Based on a new ad by Motorola that has leaked out, the Razr Maxx could be the first 4G LTE smartphone that will last a full 24 hours on a charge. Motorola has found some way to fit a 3300 mAh battery into the slim form of the new Droid Razr that is just 2mm thicker than the original and just a tad heavier. If this thing truly lasts for 24 hours and performs well doing it Verizon and Moto may have a hit on their hands. I would be happy with 14-16 hours on 4G, but 24 hours would make me pass out. We'll see what happens on February 6 when Motorola is planning to have a 24 hour event that is presumed to show that the Razr can really last a literal full day. Now if only we could get Motorola to unlock the phone this might be the greatest device out there.


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