Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Asus Shares the Good News, Transformer Prime ICS Update Coming 1/12 and more


Asus broke the news today, after many complaints about their Transformer Prime, that Ice Cream Sandwich will start rolling out to the world's first quad core tablet on January 12.

Asus has also promised a bootloader unlock tool to appease the angry hacking community. Asus set them ablaze a few days ago when their latest update locked up and encrypted the tablet's bootloader, effectively smashing hopes of an easy root and custom software. The Android hacking community took to the interwebs and let Asus know they weren't happy. Asus seems to have heard the call and is now planning on releasing a bootloader unlock tool that will free you Prime at the expense of your warranty and movie rentals through the Android Market, the reason Asus claims they locked the bootloader.

Depending on how the Ice Cream Sandwich update goes you may not need to hack your Transformer Prime. If it is anything like the last Transformer Prime update on Monday it will be phenomenal. I received the update on my unit and every little quirk I was having such as freezing or jerkiness have disappeared completely. This thing is now amazing, and, while there where some problems with updates bricking devices, it has been very good. Asus is aware of the update problems and have promised a fix.

The only unsolved problem will remain GPS. It performs poorly and Asus has admitted that it is caused by the all metal back blocking the signal. They have said that it will not be fixed and that they are not marketing GPS as a feature any longer. Personally I don't see this as a problem that is a deal breaker for this tablet. GPS on a tablet is rarely used. If you need  GPS I would suggest picking up the Galaxy Tab 10.1Motorola Xoom, or wait to see what comes out at CES. However, I still recommend this tablet as being the best out there and with Ice Cream Sandwich on the way it will only get better. I am about ready to give my full review, but I believe I will wait till Ice Cream Sandwich drops onto it. It is currently sold out everywhere, but I will update as soon as it becomes available somewhere. In the meantime, if you are lucky enough to have the Prime hit up the link below for some accessories for it while you wait for Ice Cream Sandwich next week.

Asus Transformer Prime Accessories

Source: Asus' Facebook Page
Via: Droid-Life

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