Monday, January 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming to Sprint with LTE, Google Wallet

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus for Sprint. Image: Samsung

Sprint users, its almost time to get out your wallets and buy a new phone. The Galaxy Nexus has been confirmed by Sprint. The popular phone with Android 4.0 is heading your way bringing LTE compatibility with it. Sprint doesn't have any LTE yet but they have said it is coming in the middle of 2012 to the Southwest. The Phone is slated to be released sometime in the Second quarter of 2012 and at this time pricing is not known, although, it is speculated to be under $200 on a 2-year contract.

This is the same phone that is on Verizon with 2 exceptions. First, it will only have 16GB of storage whereas the Verizon version has 32. Second, it HAS Google Wallet. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus will bring along Google's NFC payment system that Verizon had taken off their device. This should make a lot of people happy as I have seen nothing but positive response to Google Wallet.

This looks like a good year for Sprint customers. Let's just hope they keep unlimited data when their new LTE network goes live. Hopefully Sprint will be a maverick and not follow Verizon's lead as far as data plans go.

source: PCWorld

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