Monday, January 23, 2012

Verizon Spends $69 million Preparing for the Superbowl Rush in Indy

Lucas Oil Stadium Verizon 4G LTE Super Bowl 46
Lucas Oil Stadium is Now a Verizon 4G LTE hotspot. Image Credit: GottaBeMobile

Trying to make a statement that they are committed to reliability, Verizon has spent $69 million to prepare for the Superbowl. With around 85,000 people expected to descend on Indianapolis Verizon is making sure that all their customers phones avoid the nightmare that normally occurs at large events like this. Verizon has heavily beefed up it's 3G and 4G networks in downtown by adding 9 extra antennas outside the stadium and a 3G/4G network dedicated to the inside. They are also bringing 3 Cells on Wheels(C.O.W) to help with extra load in downtown as well. This should make Verizon customers attending the super bowl very happy.

If you don't have Verizon Wireless don't worry. They have also put in a WiFi network capable of handling 28,000 connections. So if your carrier's network crashes you can still tweet about the big play assuming you can be within the 28,000 to get on WiFi.  

After the game is over Verizon is going to leave everything except the C.O.Ws behind, so the downtown Indy Verizon network will be a beast (I have seen reports of data speeds there well over 40 mbps with it now live.). I suggest you head over to GottaBeMobile if you want to really get an idea of the full scale of this upgrade.

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