Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Small Transformer Prime Update Rolling Out Now

If you own a Transformer Prime in the US then you might want to check for a firmware update. Build is rolling out now to US models of the quad core tablet. This appears to be another bug fixer as it is very small. The only changes found were WiFi, Bluetooth , and a new kernel. It is speculated that this is supposed to fix the lockups and random reboots that have plagued some users (including myself).

I installed this morning and WiFi appears stronger. I haven't had any lock ups other than a few in the browser something I believe is caused by flash. I still have screen corruption within the YouTube app, but that could go away after the kernel gets to settle a while.

It appears that Asus is intent on keeping it's good track record with regard to updates alive, and depending on how smoothly this update goes they might just succeed.

[XDA via AndroidPolice]

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