Thursday, March 8, 2012

4G LTE Icons Showing Up Across Southeast Alabama (Dothan Area)

This morning I awoke to reports in my news feed of Verizon 4G being live in Southeast Alabama. It seems that either Verizon is testing or they have given you an early gift as it isn't officially here until later this month. There is still a high possibility if you live in Dothan, Enterprise, and the surrounding areas in Alabama that you have 4G this morning, at least for now. I am also seeing some reports of it being available in extremely rural areas. If you have a Verizon 4G Phone check and see. One report was seeing 32Mbps down and 8Mbps up, insane numbers for a cell network. I can't wait to get home to Samson tomorrow and try it out.

If you are within or near the Red Box there is a good chance that you may have Verizon 4G LTE this morning. Click to Enlarge.
If you are seeing it leave a comment below with you City/Town and if you have seen it in rural areas outside of town outside of town along with you speeds.

thanks to those who sent this in.

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  1. seeing down link around 28 30 mb not steady speed and up speed around 7-16 mb
    down speed have been as slow as 6 mb also
    speeds are fluctuating bad
    midlandcity al

    1. The speeds do tend to fluctuate a lot until it gets under load. They will get more stable when they settle in the 10-15 Mbps range which is what it runs here in Troy.

  2. Lte rocking in dothan. And columbia al

  3. It came on about 12:15am this morning when I got off work at midnight. Still on and going strong. Ashford/Dothan Alabama.

  4. Quits working 5 miles north of headland

  5. Quits just west of Enterprise. No love for Kinston :-(

  6. I can confirm the closets to Kinston it gets is just South of Ino Baptist Church, and it is one of those hold the phone just right and it will pick it up situations. I am very impressed with the coverage though.

  7. Still no (consistent) 4G in Brundidge ...