Monday, March 19, 2012

FAA Taking a "Fresh Look" at It's No Gadgets During Takeoff Policy


You get settled into your airplane seat with your tablet, e reader, or smartphone and start passing time until it's time for takeoff when you are forced by the flight crew to turn off your device and put it away.

This has long bugged many air travelers as you can play work a lot during takeoff. This FAA regulation has been in place for many years, but recently it has come under scrutiny as it has been found by many reports that these devices simply don't emit enough radiation to cause a plane any problems. Many have become frustrated because pilots are using iPads in the cockpit during takeoff, but passengers are not allowed to. Some studies have proven that devices like the Amazon Kindle emit electrical interference of around .00003 volts per meter, much less than the 100 volts per meter planes are required to withstand. 

The FAA feels your frustration and is going to look into the matter. While this does not mean they will change anything, at least they are looking into it and are going to give it a "fresh look". 

Let's hope in a short time we can enjoy non-stop gaming productivity in the sky on our mobile devices. Hit the source for more details on the ban. 

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