Thursday, March 8, 2012

The "New iPad": Worth Upgrading To?


Yesterday in San Francisco Apple announced their newest iteration of their popular tablet computer, the iPad. There was wild speculation about what was actually going to come with this device and what it's name would be. The new device is just called iPad no numbers, HD, or anything just the name.

The biggest feature the device, in my opinion, is the hi-resolution Retina display that has a resolution of 2048x1536. The next biggest thing is necessary for the screen to be useful, a "quad-core" GPU. This is not a revolutionary feature as Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core CPU has a 16 core GPU, but Apple has just refocused everyone's attention to GPU to hide the Dual-Core CPU which is the same as the one in the previous iPad. The new GPU is important because it will allow for higher quality games on the platform and helps keep that screen smooth when running them, even though there was a little bit of studdering in the Demo the gave yesterday.

One of the most useful, though exspensive, features is the inclusion of 4G LTE. You can get the iPad from Verizon or AT&T with their 4G LTE networks to keep you connected on the go.

To keep the power hungry beast that is LTE under control Apple had to give on thickness and weight making this device thicker and heavier than the previous model. This increase of size and weight is from the inclusion of a large battery, but they did manage to keep the same battery life numbers of the previous iPad. The camera was also improved.

Should you buy the 3rd generation iPad? It depends if you don't need a high resolution display and want to save some money buy the previous generation (iPad 2) when the price falls. I personally prefer Android tablets, but the iPad is a great device and will make you throw your laptop on a desk and leave it there.  

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