Friday, March 30, 2012

Opinion: Google Should Let Asus Make a Nexus Tablet and Phone

Who makes the new Nexus device every year can be a touchy subject for the Android enthusiasts. Samsung has gotten the nod to make the Nexus phone for the last few years, but there is talk of some other OEM's wanting to get in on the Nexus business. However, with the talk of Asus getting tapped to build a Nexus/Google-Branded tablet I thought it would be neat to see them get to make both devices.

Asus has done the best of any tablet manufacturers at updating their devices. The Transformer Prime actually got more than one in a week a while back while they were trying to fix bugs that came with Ice Cream Sandwich. This is unheard of in the phone world. I know it isn't just the manufacturers fault that these devices take so long to be updated (curse you carriers), but they can do a better job. Remember back when the HTC Thunderbolt had the rebooting fiasco? It took months for a fix to even be tried. The Transformer Prime had rebooting problems too, but Asus was on the forums trying to talk to owners and get the updates out as quickly as possible. Yeah, I know the Nexus devices are updated by Google, but I think it would be nice to give a manufacturer that does a great job a boost in the market since they are looking to enter the phone market soon.

Asus also makes phenomenal hardware. When they entered the Android world with the original Transformer they kind of just threw it together, but when the Prime came about they paid close attention to detail with respect to design (minus the WiFi and GPS flaw which a small RF window could have fixed).

I would love to see the next Nexus phone and Tablet built by the same company and sold side by side and maybe even as a package deal( buy a Nexus phone get the tablet half off or something). I think it would be nice to have similarly designed devices that matched each other. The only thing I am waiting for before fully making a decision that Asus should make both is the PadPhone. This will be Asus's first test of the smartphone waters and it will be interesting to see how they handle the carriers. If it turns out to be great I say let them have a future pair or maybe trio of Nexus devices.

It is probably too late for them to get the Nexus phone this year as development decisions are likely already being made, but I would like to see them get a shot at both in the future.

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