Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google's Glasses are Ridiculously Cool, Even if They Never Come Out

Well rumors of Google's secret augmented reality project were finally given a little validity. Google outed a project today called Project Glass. They are trying to stir interest and get people talking to see what people would want out of such a technology. The set up a Google+ Page for the project and released a concept video about what it might be like to use the augmented reality glasses in everyday life.

The video simulates how the glasses might be able to take over nearly everything your phone can do  and more. For example, putting directions in your path to tell you where to go and sharing whatever you are seeing. Pretty cool stuff even if it isn't totally necessary.

I wear glasses already and I would love to have things like messages and what not come up on my glasses. It would save having to pull out my phone to check it and with voice dictation you could reply to messages very easily.

This is likely a long ways off if it ever comes about, but it is still interesting to think about a world where you don't have to use your phone to communicate and you can get directions projected in front of you while walking down the street or driving. Check out the video below it's very interesting. There are also pictures on the Google+ Page of what the glasses might look like.

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