Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RIM Finally Does Something That Makes Sense

RIM just announced that their Enterprise mobile server software that has been used for years to manage Blackberry devices will now support other platforms. Being called Mobile Fusion, the software will now offer the ability to manage Android and iOS devices in addition to Blackberry devices. The Service costs businesses $99 per year per user or $4 per month per user.

This is what RIM should have done long ago instead of sticking their head in the sand and ignoring Android and iOS, and trying to force people to use Blackberry because of its integration with servers already in place. If RIM begins to support all platforms and does it as well as they did with managing Blackberry then I see no reason why RIM should have another terrible year as far as revenues go. They have to face the fact that Blackberry is "dying" and they need to get on board the new bandwagon and support what is being used. They make great software why not expand it? They have take the first step and I believe they may finally be seeing the light.

For more details about Fusion see the source.

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