Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sprint Rep Confirms LTE Data to Be Unlimited

According to Sprint rep, Nichole Cappitelli, Sprint's LTE network will feature unlimited data when it launches to replace WiMax.

TechHog found in the press release for the upcoming LG Viper the mention of Unlimited data and reached out to Sprint's  PR when it was confirmed to them by the rep that LTE will come with unlimited Data, at least to start with. If I recall correctly, Verizon said the same thing until much after the launch of LTE. 

However, I believe it is likely that Sprint will keep unlimited due to the fact that they need it to stay competitive. Sprint does not have the overall nationwide coverage that AT&T and Verizon have so it is going to have to rely on unlimited data to draw in the customers. Either way this is good news for those looking to get the Viper(likely Sprint's first LTE device). The Viper is supposed to retail for $99 with a two year agreement, making it a very attractive choice when you throw in unlimited data.

[ TechHog via Phandroid ]

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