Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HTC's EVO 4G LTE Launch and One X Shipments Delayed Thanks to Apple

Evo 4G LTE

Well I knew it was just a matter of time before the patent troll Apple won something and caused major problems. Thanks to Apple's recent victory over HTC in a patent case the launch of Sprint's Evo 4G LTE is delayed until U.S. Customs can confirm that the infringement has been removed. This inspection has also caused shipments of the One X which recently launched on AT&T to be delayed causing a wave of out of stock messages at many places.

This issue deals with an Apple patent of "data tapping". This affects fucntions such as being able to tap a phone number in an email to bring up the phone. HTC lost the patent battle over the issue in December, but announced it had a workaround for the issue in February. This however doesn't affect the ban of infringing devices that started on April 19th and therefore the devices have to be inspected before being imported. Inspections have been going on for a month, but HTC has no idea how long the inspections may take this is certainly a blow to those hoping to pick up the Evo LTE Friday.

Basically, we are waiting for is customs to verify that the workaround is in place so the phones can be imported. If they find the workaround insufficient, we could be talking permanent delays, but hopefully it won't take too long and the Evo and One X can begin flying off shelves. If you need a phone on Sprint immediately you might want to check out some others like the Galaxy Nexus (which is $100 right now at Amazon), but if you aren't in a bind I would definitely wait for the Evo LTE.


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