Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[Review Roundup] Sprint Galaxy SIII: Is It The Best Phone Available on Sprint?

It's no secret that the Sprint Galaxy SIII is a hot phone, but is it the next big thing on Sprint? That's what we're here to find out. I've pulled reviews from around the internet to determine the verdict on the Sprint Galaxy SIII. Let's get started!

The new flagship smartphone from the world's number-one mobile phone company, Samsung's Galaxy S III ($199.99 with contract) is literally a huge achievement. If you love big phones with lots of options, the GS3 will deliver state-of-the-art performance with bonus sharing and media features that you're likely to continue discovering a year from now. Sprint subscribers now have two solid choices: The Galaxy S III ties with the HTC EVO 4G LTE ($199, 4 stars) as our Editors' Choice for touch-screen smartphones on Sprint. Read More...

Android Central
Say you're one of the top smartphones in the world. (In the whole entire world!) You know you're going to sell millions and millions of units in more countries than a 10th-grader has to memorize before the last week of school. You know your place in the world. Things are looking pretty good.
Now imagine you're the Samsung Galaxy S III on Sprint.
It's just not fair.
Oh, you're still that same bad-ass phone with that bad-ass phone strut -- at least as long as you've got a stable Wifi connection. But out on your own, with only a sub-par 3G network to get you by, it's like you're walking along in slow motion as the rest of the world flies by. How's that strut looking now? Yeah. Not so good.
But -- and we've said this before -- Sprint's working on it. We should see its LTE network go live any day now. And we know that the Samsung Galaxy S III is a more-than-capable smartphone. Indeed, it's easily in the running for the best Android phone of the year. So let's get to it. Behold, our Sprint Galaxy S3 mini-review. Read More...

The Verdict
In depth reviews of this model are hard to come by, but based on the ones I have read and General reviews of the device on other carriers I can say this is a definite buy. The device is fast and snappy bringing Sprint's newly launched 4G LTE network. While the network is only available in 15 cities, it is a sign that Sprint is aiming to fix its poor data speeds. I would say this is the top Sprint smartphone barely edging out the Evo 4G LTE.

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With Sprint's truly unlimited plan being left the only one left in the country this is quite possibly the Galaxy S III version with the best value, being it is $199 with a 2 year agreement. If you think this might be device for you, check below for links to buy it.
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