Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Updated]T-Mobile Galaxy SII Update Brings Isis Support, Is it Finally Here?

The Samsung Galaxy SII was one of last years best phones, but today we have found out T-Mobile is preparing to push an update to the Galaxy SII that contains supports to the carrier backed mobile payment service Isis.
AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all back a mobile payment venture called Isis a while back, but we have since heard very little of it. Up until this point the only mobile payment option using NFC was Google wallet which just expanded to accept all credit and debit cards.

Google Wallet works great, but there is really one big problem. There are hardly any devices supported. This is because all the major carriers other than Sprint backed Isis instead of Google wallet, presumably so they could make a cut of the fees paid by merchants when you use the device. The other problem which may stem from from the first is that there are limited places that accept NFC payments.
Isis appears to be partnering with many of the major point of sale equipment manufacturers (that means the credit card thingy and registers for those less technical),which could give them a big boost whenever they decide to launch.

There is no word whether this update brings the Isis app with it, but it does show that they appear to be planning on older device support instead of only including it on new releases. It will be interesting to see if Isis gets things rolling in the next few months as the mobile payment war begins. Are you interested in using Isis? Let me know in the comments.

Update: Bloomberg reports that signs point to Isis launching in next month, bringing mobile payments to 3 of the big for carriers. Hopefully everybody will be able to join the mobile payment fold soon as their parters such as VeriFone roll out hardware to enable mobile payments.

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