Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5 Announced, Larger Screen and Faster Connectivity in Tow, Releasing September 21st

Apple announced the iPhone 5 today. The new iPhone brings what Apple calls a"from the ground-up redesign". While you can certainly say it is redesigned I would hardly say they scrapped the old design in favor of a new one. Still there are many worthy improvements, although, if you followed the rumors you already know them. Let's get started!

The iPhone 5's biggest upgrade was screen size. The new iPhone has a 4" screen that has 1136 x 640 pixels arranged in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The longer screen means that Apple could add an extra row of icons. I would have like to see them give it a resolution bump to HD, but that will probably be left for the 5S in the future. Possibly the most innovative part of the device is the touch sensor, whch is fused to the display allowing for a thinner, more accurate, and clearer display.

The next biggest news was LTE. The iPhone 5 will come with LTE on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T as well as support the new network standard around the world. Of course, you get the backwards compatibility to many of the legacy networks still in use, all integrated into the same Qualcomm chip. LTE is more catch up, and something the iPhone 4S should have had, but needless to say it's here. It also has an upgraded antenna system Apple calls "dynamic" antenna that monitors the antennas and uses the one with the best signal. Apple rates the phone at 8 hours of LTE browsing, but I wouldn't be surprised to see much lower numbers than that in real life.

The camera system was also upgraded to include things like faster photo capturing, panorama, a backside-illuminated sensor, and the ability to take stills while shooting 1080p video. All really more catch up to Android, but worthy upgrades none the less.

There is the new dock connector dubbed "lightening" and an upgraded processor in Apple's A6 that Apple claims will double the performance as well, but I wont get into all that. If you want more details hit the source. The phone will release on September 21st and is up for pre-order now.


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