Monday, January 14, 2013

Apple Needs to Really Innovate with iOS 7

Everybody knows that the mobile technology world is a fast moving place which makes it difficult for any company to keep up, but Apple has been falling behind and it is starting to show.
Apple's products have long been considered premium, but as of late their software on the mobile front has been sort of stagnant. iOS has not really fundamentally changed since it was launched while Google has made numerous enhancements to Android and the pressure may be starting to cause Apple problems.

Today the Wall Street Journal announced that Apple had cut orders for iPhone components in half and while I don't think Apple will have any trouble selling millions it is possible that Android has started pressing down on demand more than Apple expected.

A survey of teenagers recently also found that they no longer view the iPhone as "cool". They are more impressed by Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones, such as the Galaxy S IIIThis shows that Apple's lax attitude to adding innovative iOS features has had an effect. Samsung is clearly winning the innovative features war in the software realm. If you take a look at my review of the Galaxy SIII you'll see the tremendous number of features Samsung added to the phone, many of them are extremely useful.
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My advice to Apple would be to come up with something completely new for iOS 7. They need to wow people, especially since Blackberry 10 is going to be getting so much news coverage (Note: I do not think BB10 is a huge threat, but they will get lots of news coverage). Apple needs to not only add features to iOS 7, but they also need to refresh the UI. I have talked to many people who are tired of iOS because it hasn't changed. It is a simple design, but they need to at least add more customization otherwise they risk losing many customers to Android and the other mobile OS's that provide consumers with fresh and customizable experiences.

I think Apple still does have some creative minds in Cupertino even without Steve Jobs, but they had better get to work otherwise they could be having serious problems and risk falling behind or losing the multi-front war they are fighting in the mobile realm.

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